Why You Should Choose Cosmetology School

What Are the Benefits of Going to Cosmetology School?

Sometimes, cosmetologists do not get the recognition they deserve for their immense knowledge and education on hair, skin, nails, and makeup. Many feel that they can do it themselves, or that they shouldn’t have to pay high prices to have cosmetic services. We’re here today to explain why this couldn’t be further from the truth, and why you should choose cosmetology school to complete your studies.


Becoming a cosmetologist takes hundreds to thousands of hours of training and education, along with licensing exams, to be able to work with clients. Students learn the art of hair-cutting, styling, and color, along with makeup application, skin care, nail services, and more.


Many of us have tried to do our own cosmetic services at home, and then needed a professional to help us fix these problems. In order to fix it, you need to find an experienced cosmetologist who understands color correction, proper skincare, makeup application for special events, and other common cosmetic services.


What You Will Learn at Artisan School of Cosmetology

Choosing a cosmetology school can be a challenge. You know what you need to learn, and you’re ready to jump into the world of beauty. But how do you find the right school to best suit your needs?


At Artisan School of Cosmetology in Parkersburg, WV, you will learn the best techniques for hair, skin, and nails. We offer a 1,000-hour hair program, a 600-hour aesthetician program, and a 400-hour nail program to get our cosmetologists-in-training ready for the workforce. We also have a combined cosmetology program that is 1,800 hours, allowing students to have each program in one. Students get real-life experience alongside their coursework, working with clients who visit our salon. Our instructors are always close by to monitor appointments and assist when necessary, allowing students to get hands-on experience.


Learning the Ins and Outs of Hair-cutting, Coloring, and Care

Whether you’re a current cosmetologist, a student, or just someone who enjoys getting their hair done, you understand the art of hair styling, cutting, and overall care. Students in cosmetology school will learn proper hair styling techniques, like foiling, color, balayage, fashion colors, and more, helping to achieve beautiful results. Stylists will understand what can or cannot be done, and how to complete things like color corrections.


At Artisan School, we use top-rated products like Tressa® to get the best results. Using salon-grade products not only helps our clients but also helps students to get the best possible education on how to properly use professional products in their career. Our instructors will teach students modern trends for styling, cuts, and color, and how to properly execute these.


Aesthetician Program at Artisan School of Cosmetology

As we discussed in more detail last month, the aesthetician program at Artisan School of Cosmetology teaches the importance of skin care. Students will learn how to give facials and facial manipulations, along with waxing techniques. Upon graduation, our students also understand the importance of and how to execute infection control.


During the aesthetician program, stylists-in-training will also learn proper makeup application. When going to a special event like a prom, a wedding, or a graduation, clients want to look their best. Instructors at Artisan School will teach you how to color match clients and how to enhance their natural beauty with the correct color palette.


Without proper cosmetology training, it’s unlikely that students could learn the basics of skin care to pass the aesthetician licensing exam. Knowing things like infection control and how to implement skin care products for various skin types is crucial to the health and safety of both the aesthetician and the client. This extensive training will set up our students for future success.


Learning Modern Techniques of Nail Art

Finally, the right cosmetology school will teach students the modern techniques of nail art. Our nail program teaches acrylic application and painless removal, manicures, pedicures, and free-hand stamping to make nails unique to the client. This both helps the client’s experience and the stylist learn something new each appointment.


As we’ve mentioned, instructors are always close by to monitor and assist when needed to help and answer any questions. We know that learning new techniques can be stressful for students, and we want both the student and the client to feel comfortable.


Master It All with Our Cosmetology Program

Artisan School of Cosmetology provides a cosmetology program that teaches our stylists-in-training everything they need to prepare them for licensure. Upon completion of this program, students will be licensed in each – hair, nails, and skin. Our instructors will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that you are ready for the WV licensing exam. For those looking to specialize, the other programs may work best for you.


Gain Real Experience at Our Cosmetology School

The Artisan School instructors are top-rated, and over 90 percent of our graduates have jobs in place before graduating from our programs. Students will gain 1,800 hours of training, including real experience at the salon and courses at our campus. We have a spacious workspace and use state-of-the-art cosmetic tools and equipment to help students get the best results.


Are you ready to look into cosmetology school or apply to our program in Parkersburg, WV? Call us today or contact us online for more information. Our school accepts Climb Credit programs. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you work your way toward a future in cosmetology!


For more information on the benefits of our cosmetology school or how to apply, give Artisan School of Cosmetology in Parkersburg, WV, a call at (304) 834-3600. Follow us on Facebook to learn about specials, services, and more.