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Try New Braids for Summer at Artisan School of Cosmetology

Are You Looking to Try New Hair Styles for Summer?

When it comes to trying new hair styles this season, consider braids for summer. Braids are a classic, simple style that can provide effortless beauty to your hair. Whether for a wedding, graduation, or just a fun look, braids can work for any hair type. There are many types of braids to try, like a standard braid, French braid, Dutch braid, and fishtail braid.


Hair styles like braids can be intimidating at first, but are easy to perfect. Like all hair styles, practice makes perfect. The stylists-in-training at Artisan School of Cosmetology are professionals at braids, and are here to help when you need it.


This month we’re going to help you to have some easy hair styles in your arsenal this summer. Besides braids, you may find some other options in this post, like how to achieve heatless waves.


Braids Are a Great Way to Keep Your Hair Back All Summer Long

Depending on your style, you may not opt for buns or ponytails. Or maybe you’re just bored of the regular easy up-dos for a day on the beach or outdoors. Instead of leaving your hair down, consider trying a braid. Braids can work for most medium to long length hair, and come in many different options. Simple three-plait braids can pull your hair out of you face, leaving you cool and with an effortless ‘do. Byrdie also recommends side braids for a twist on this classic hair style.


French Braids for Any Length of Hair

French braids are a more intermediate style that start at the crown instead of the middle of the hair. They have intricate weaves that leave hair looking elegant for any occasion. Whether you are in a bridal party, or are spending the day outdoors, a French braid is the perfect style. The Byrdie article above also recommends leaving some pieces out for a fun spin on a classic style.


French braids can work on most medium to long hair lengths. Those with short hair may end the braid in a small ponytail instead of continuing the braid. This will keep hair back and still look great for any event.


Try Dutch Braids to Add Volume to Your Style

Unlike French braids that are more flat, Dutch braids add a more dimensional effect to the hair. Dutch braids sit on top of the hair, instead of sitting flat to the head using an underhand method. The Trend Spotter says that Dutch braided pigtails are a common look with these braids. Adding a sweet and elegant look to the hair, these braids are great for any hair type and length.


Dutch braids are also a great braid to pair with other braid styles. Start at the top with a Dutch braid and end in a French or fishtail style for some flair. You can also tie off the end of the braid and leave ponytails or buns at the end for a simpler look.


Fishtail Braids Look Great with Other Braid Styles

Finally, fishtail braids are the last style we’re going to focus on. Fishtail braids are simple to achieve and mix well with other styles. Incorporating a fishtail braid into a sideswept ponytail or up-do is another way to add some pizzazz to any look. For formal events or days spent poolside, fishtail braids are the way to go. Separate the hair into two separate pieces, and cross over, alternating each piece. You will soon see how simple and beautiful these braids really are this summer.


Achieve Heatless Waves with Braids, Too

Another hair style for summer 2021 is heatless waves. Even better, you can achieve them with braids! Consider braiding your hair during the day or overnight. When you remove the braids, you will see beautiful waves in your hair. You may notice that trying different braids can result in different wave patterns. Braiding damp hair can also make more prominent, crimped looking waves or curls. Save on heat damage, too, with this simple wave technique.


Hair Products That Will Keep Your Braid Looking Great and in Place

Like all hair styles, braids look the best with the right products. Using a texture spray in the hair can help your braid to create that effortless, undone look. Hair spray or gel can keep stray hairs in place, allowing you to forget about your hair. You know that it will look great all day, so there’s no need to waste unneeded stress over it. Using serums and anti-humidity products can also help sleek braids stay smooth and unbothered. Ask your stylist at Artisan School of Cosmetology for recommendations on hair products for these summer styles.


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