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Tressa Products

Add Tressa® Hair Products to Your Hair Styling Appointment


Artisan School of Cosmetology is a Tressa School

Since 1969, Tressa Professional has provided quality products and education to cosmetology schools and patrons. Over the last few decades, countless students, stylists, and consumers have trusted Tressa to provide excellence across the board, including hair styling products, tools, fashion color, perm equipment, and more.


Artisan School of Cosmetology in Parkersburg, WV, is proud to be a Tressa school. We use their quality hair coloring, tools, and perm products to provide incredible results for our clients. Our students have the opportunity to learn fashion colors, texture treatments, and other styling options to properly execute and perfect their craft.


New cosmetology school students at Artisan can expect to use Tressa products, among other quality tools, to learn the ins and outs of the industry. You cannot have flawless hair without using quality products – and at Artisan School of Cosmetology, you will learn to create and use both.


Why Choose Tressa Products for a Cosmetology School?

Unlike many other professional hair brands, Tressa is an affordable option for high-quality results. They offer beautiful color products, durable tools for students, and affordable shampoos and hair care options for clients.


Tressa stands out from the rest because of their dedication to their stylists. Sold only in professional salon settings, stylists, students, and clients can count on Tressa hair products to keep their hair healthy and styles looking flawless every time. As a cosmetology school, we want our students to use only the best products during their studies. Tressa products allow students to experiment with colors, texture services, and more to give them ample amounts of practice and skills.


Fashion Colors to Transform Any Look

No matter the season, fashion colors are always in. By using Tressa’s Watercolor, or fashion color, products, our stylists-in-training can create flawless colors to completely transform your hair. From bright blue, to vibrant pink, there is something for you out of Tressa’s Watercolor line. Artisan School also uses Tressa lightening products and developers to get the most out of your hair color. Trust our students to create a beautiful statement hair color for you in no time.


Not sure what color will suit you best? Talk to our stylists to see what tones will match your personality and style. The students at Artisan undergo 1,000 hours of training and salon time to perfect their skills, and we are ready to give you the look you desire. During the color process, an instructor will be close by to monitor and answer any questions you may have during the process.


Depending on your current hair color or type, fashion colors may turn out differently or require multiple sessions. The students at Artisan commit themselves to giving you the hair of your dreams using Tressa hair products, and we will work with you as much as possible until we achieve it.


Hair Color Options for Everyday Looks

Tressa’s Colourage® line has more than vibrant fashion colors, but also the perfect everyday options, too. Whether you just need a simple root touch-up, or want to change up your hair while keeping it safe, Artisan School of Cosmetology is here to help. Our students can give you a beautiful transformation without the dramatics, leaving your hair shiny, healthy, and lasting for multiple washes.


The Colourage line is just as easy for students, coming with easy application options and simple mixing. One of the most important aspects of hair coloring is having the proper developer and consistency, which these products allow for. Tressa also carries lightening and toning products to achieve the perfect shade and tone that clients want.


Tressa Perm Products Help Keep Curls in Place

When working with texture services, like perms, the right tools can really make a difference in the outcome. At Artisan School of Cosmetology, we use Tressa perm tools and products to ensure that our clients get the look they came for.


One thing to remember about perms is, as the name suggests, they are permanent. The smallest error can completely change how the hair looks, and the wrong tools or products can ruin the outcome. By using Tressa products, our students learn the best ways to create perm styles while learning the process.


Products for Stylists – Hair Tools for Successful Hair Appointments

Not only does Tressa provide quality hair products for coloring and styling, but tools for our stylists as well. Tressa offers applicators, brushes, capes and aprons, and other necessary tools for a successful appointment.


Artisan School also uses and carries shampoo, rinses, and other necessary products to make the most out of a new hair color. During our students’ time at Artisan School, they will learn how to properly use these tools to create jaw-dropping results. Our students are excited to meet you and give you a total hair transformation with these incredible Tressa products!


For more information on Tressa hair products, give Artisan School of Cosmetology a call at (304) 834-3600.