Is Salon Hair Dye Really Better for Your Hair?

Hair dye

Trust the Professionals for a Beautiful New Look Is salon hair dye really better for your hair? Simply put, yes. One of the most dramatic ways to change your look is dying it a brand new color. Whether going from blonde to brunette or changing the tone, there are a lot of nuances in the […]

Choosing a Career in the Beauty Industry

Why Should You Choose a Career in Beauty? Last month, we discussed the benefits of cosmetology school and why Artisan School of Cosmetology is your choice in the Parkersburg area. Now that you’re set on applying, you might be wondering what’s out there for you upon graduation.   Like we mentioned in that post, 90 […]

Why You Should Choose Cosmetology School

What Are the Benefits of Going to Cosmetology School? Sometimes, cosmetologists do not get the recognition they deserve for their immense knowledge and education on hair, skin, nails, and makeup. Many feel that they can do it themselves, or that they shouldn’t have to pay high prices to have cosmetic services. We’re here today to […]