Learn About the Benefits of an Aesthetician Program at Artisan School

Considering an Aesthetician Program in Parkersburg, WV?

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in cosmetology or as an aesthetician? Artisan School of Cosmetology in Parkersburg, WV, may be the place for you. Our team of licensed, certified, and practiced teachers are here to help each student achieve their goals throughout the program.


Each state has different requirements for training and licensing for aestheticians. In West Virginia, students can expect to complete at least 600 hours of training in order to graduate from their chosen program. The West Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists provides great resources for how to become licensed for cosmetology services in the state.


During an aesthetician program, you’ll learn how to give facials, skin treatments, and full-body waxing to properly treat all kinds of skin types. You will also learn how to prevent infection spreading and much more to keep yourself and your clients safe. If you’re considering applying to an aesthetician program or cosmetology school, continue on to learn about the many benefits of our program.


What is an Aesthetician?

An aesthetician is a skin care specialist that can provide facials, skin treatments, makeup application, and waxing. Properly trained and licensed aestheticians can perform some more invasive treatments like laser treatments and chemical peels.


An aesthetician goes through hundreds of hours of training during their schooling. While they receive real-life experience, students may also go through courses like anatomy, physiology, and others, depending on the state and their program.


What is Involved in Our Aesthetician Program

Students will complete 600 hours of aesthetician training during the program at Artisan School of Cosmetology. This includes, but is not limited to, learning proper skin care techniques, full-body waxing, facials, skin conditions or diseases, infection control, makeup application, and much more. Students leave our cosmetology school prepared and ready to treat clients as soon as possible.


At Artisan School of Cosmetology, we want the best for our students. Students get real-life experience, working with their own clients. Our instructors are always close by to assist and monitor appointments. Reach out to our staff today to learn more about our campus and admissions, or for additional help. Our goal is your success!


Learning About Proper Skin Care for Both Young and Mature Skin

Part of becoming an aesthetician is learning how to provide skin care to clients of all ages, meaning both young skin and mature skin. Healthline reminds us that while age really doesn’t have much to do with the state of the skin, there are many things that do, including genetics, lifestyle, skin type, and any diseases or conditions. This can include treating or recommending skin care products, like SPF or sun-safe products, and everyday treatments.


You’ll probably hear it at some point: Your client is afraid of wrinkles, crow’s feet, or undereye bags. They are worried about stress, sun damage, and other factors that can cause premature aging or worse as they age.


Learning how to care for and treat young skin and mature skin comes with practice and experience. Of course, every client will be different. Some may have more wrinkles than others, or more sun damage. You may find that some acne-prone skin treatments do not help other clients with oily or acne-prone skin, and your client may be confused as to why they cannot control breakouts or why some products dry them out. As a trained and licensed aesthetician, you will be able to work with your client to help treat their skin and find what works best for them. This could be through facials or other skin treatments.


Understanding the Art of Waxing

Waxing is a common way for women and men to remove hair from various parts of the body. While at-home waxing is a common event, we still need professionals to properly wax clients to keep them safe and correctly remove hair.


Your skin is sensitive, and waxing products can irritate or harm the skin. As a licensed aesthetician, you will learn proper application techniques, as well as how to safely remove the hair without causing injury. At Artisan School of Cosmetology, you’ll learn the art of waxing and how to remove hair from most parts of the body.


Makeup Application for Clients of All Ages and Skin Types

The aesthetician program at Artisan School of Cosmetology includes courses on makeup application, where each student will learn how to match individuals with the correct color palette. Every client is beautiful, and we help students to learn how to accentuate this beauty with the proper products and colors.


One thing to remember about makeup application is that skin type plays an important role. Those with dry skin will not be able to use the same products as those with oily skin, and vice versa. You’ll also learn how to match colors to skin tones and help your clients look the best they can. It’s best to learn makeup techniques alongside skin care treatments and how they work together.


Creating a Career in Aesthetics

There are many different career paths you can follow after becoming a licensed aesthetician. Some of these include working in a salon, resort, or even in the medical field. If you choose to further your career and education and become a master aesthetician, the medical field could be a wonderful way to educate clients on proper skin care practices.


Becoming a master aesthetician comes with an additional 600-plus hours of training, and annual licensing. While not all states offer master aesthetician licensing, it is one way to further your career in skin care. Some additional job options include laser treatments, tattoo removal, and chemical peels.


Ready to Apply to an Aesthetician Program?

Now that you know what is involved in an aesthetician program and what the many benefits are, are you ready to apply? Reach out to Artisan School of Cosmetology in Parkersburg, WV, to learn about our school and available financing options.


For more information on the benefits of an aesthetician program or how to apply, give Artisan School of Cosmetology in Parkersburg, WV, a call at (304) 834-3600. Follow us on Facebook to learn about specials, services, and more.