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Is Salon Hair Dye Really Better for Your Hair?

Trust the Professionals for a Beautiful New Look

Is salon hair dye really better for your hair? Simply put, yes. One of the most dramatic ways to change your look is dying it a brand new color. Whether going from blonde to brunette or changing the tone, there are a lot of nuances in the coloring process. With budget or time constraints, it can be hard to resist the allure of a cheap DIY at-home box color. Coloring your hair at home risks hair damage, scalp irritation, and the wrong hair color. Is salon hair due really better for you hair? In this month’s blog, Artisan School of Cosmetology answers that question.


Salons Offer Processes To Protect Your Hair

Many women and men have attempted dying their hair at home. While many have had some success, almost everyone who has tried has a horror story about their hair.  It is easy to forget that at-home box color can be dangerous when inexperienced people apply it. From allergic reactions to burns, stains and severe irritation, these chemicals can have lasting effects on your hair and skin.


Many of the salon chemicals are less harsh, and a stylist can help protect your hair from the chemicals. A perk of going to a professional is their knowledge. Artisan School of Cosmetology offers various types of hair coloring as part of our services. Before you get hair coloring, a professional will first assess the condition of your hair. They are then able to design a formula that will get nothing except the best color.


Professionals Can Make Sure You Get the Color You Want

A trained professional can use specific dyes that work with your unique needs to give you a better look. When it comes to at-home box colors, however, there is a “one-size-fits-all” approach. You dye dry and damaged hair using the same chemicals as healthy hair. A professional can use different amounts of colors, and add in protectors like Olaplex. This makes sure your hair stays healthy even after a bleach or dye.


Many at-home box dyes won’t lighten or darken the hair more than two or three shades from the existing one. A warm red based brunette or a cool blonde-based brunette will get entirely different results with the same dye. A hair stylist can achieve the color that you want regardless of where you are starting.


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