Get Beach-Ready Skin, Hair, and Nails at Artisan School of Cosmetology

Prepare Your Skin for a Beach Vacation with Facials and Waxing

At Artisan School of Cosmetology, we know that you want to look your best during vacation. For starters, no one wants to worry about their skin when they are enjoying a beach day, and of course we all know how important those family photos are! One thing that many beach-goers may not consider is skin preparation. Along with facials, you have to treat your body before a vacation, too! Waxing and exfoliation will have your skin feeling smooth and silky for weeks to come. At Artisan School of Cosmetology, we offer a variety of skin treatments, including:

Skin Treatments

  • Facials/Specialty Facials
  • Make-Up Application
  • Scalp Treatments



  • Half and Full Legs
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Bikini Line
  • Lip
  • Eyebrow Arch
  • Eyebrow Wax
  • Face & Brow

Our students must go through 600 hours of aesthetician training where they learn proper waxing techniques, infection control, and other skin care-related services. Protect your skin ahead of time with a facial at Artisan School of Cosmetology in Parkersburg, WV. Our students have great skill and are ready to help you achieve the glowing skin you want for your vacation, and for every day.

Your Hair Needs Love, Too – Call for Affordable Hair Services

Artisan School of Cosmetology has a wide range of hair services, including haircuts, coloring, and styling options to get you ready for your summer adventures. While the beach may not be feasible for many of us right now, there are many fun outdoor spots that you still want to feel your best at. We offer braids, up-dos, blow drying, and other styling options to suit your style. Texture services are also available, including acid perms, hair straightening, and more.

Explore your style with highlights or balayage, or maybe choose a demi-color for a subtle change. Demi-coloring is great for a seasonal change because it doesn’t last as long as a bleaching or permanent color would. We also offer root and bleach touch-ups so there is no need to worry about overgrown roots while you’re out adventuring this summer.

Consider Hair and Humidity When Planning Your Salon Trip

The salty, humid air at the beach can do its damage on our hair. Frizzy hair, extra oils, or other hair-related disasters can strike once you reach those high-humidity areas. Whether you’re going to the beach for a wedding, or just a fun family vacation, we know that you want to look your best. Talk to your stylist-in-training at Artisan School to learn about products or texture treatments that may help keep your hair fresh and frizz-free during your trip. We will be happy to show you our favorite products for your hair type, and provide the right treatment to get the results you want.

Depending on your hair type, you may look for ways to combat dryness, oils, and other issues that you may face at the beach. Check our blog regularly for tips and tricks on how to avoid dingy, unflattering hair issues no matter the season. Our cosmetology school is here to keep you informed while keeping your hair soft, smooth, and looking its best.

Manicures and Pedicures Will Have You Ready for Anything

Men and women alike know the importance of having clean, polished nails any time of the year. Feel even more confident this summer with a beautiful manicure and pedicure at Artisan School of Cosmetology. Our students work with you to choose the right manicure style to maintain over vacation, whether it be acrylics or a standard gel. We offer affordable prices and a smiling crew that is ready to pamper you before your beach getaway.

Not only will you be showing off your hands at the beach, but your feet, too. After months spent inside, we could all use a day at the spa for a pedicure to prepare nails and heels for sandals or running barefoot all summer long. Both men and women can always use a day to pamper their feet – why not do it at Artisan School of Cosmetology?

The cosmetology students at Artisan School must complete 400-hours of nail tech training. You can rest assured that our students are working their best to provide you with outstanding, beautiful nails. Your nail tech-in-training can create designs, use jewels and gems, or work with basic colors to give you the style you desire.

Schedule an Appointment at Artisan School of Cosmetology

The students at Artisan School of Cosmetology are prepared to transform your skin, hair, and nails and help you feel ready to take on anything this season. From beach vacations to backyard staycations, We want you to look and feel your best. Call us today to schedule an appointment for our salon services in the Parkersburg area, or learn more about our cosmetology school campus by visiting our website.

For more information on how to get beach-ready skin, hair, and nails this summer, give Artisan School of Cosmetology a call at (304) 834-3600.