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Current Hair Trends for Men and Women

It’s a New Year – Is it Time for New Hair?

Now that we’re into the new year, it’s time to discuss current hair trends. Are you feeling the resolution of “new year, new me,” or are you simply ready for a change? The stylists-in-training at the Artisan School of Cosmetology salon are here to deliver.


As 2021 is setting in, you may notice an influx of hair trends. There are some that withstand the test of time, like subtle lowlights and sweet mid-length cuts, but why not switch it up? Instead of sticking to cutting your hair at home, a newfound practice, consider a day of pampering at a salon to totally transform your hair into a new, modern look. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, but maybe take off a few inches and add a little color to prepare for spring.


This month, we’ll be diving into some new predicted hair trends of 2021. A new cut or hair color can be scary – we know! That’s why we’re going to consider face shape, age, and hair type to help you feel more confident in your choice. When you’re ready to commit, our students will be ready to make the change for you.


Add Layers for Added Volume and Effect

Have you stuck with layered looks over the years, or are they a thing of the past? According to Beauty Crew, layers may be making a comeback this year. Layers allow that hair to have some dimension instead of lying in a heap. Those with longer, thicker hair may enjoy layers as they break up some of the length. Those with shorter hair can benefit from layers to help break up the style a bit and add more movement. You may notice that styling is easier, too.


One way to spruce up layers is adding some highlights and lowlights. Those with blonde hair can benefit from some darker strands to add movement and life to the look. Brunettes and those with darker hair colors may enjoy adding some light strands can break up the darkness.


Try a Pixie Cut or Bob to Show off Facial Features

As Vogue reminds us, 2020 was the year of short, easy-to-maintain bobs and pixies, mainly because of salon closures. However, this trend does not seem to be taking any time off. Bobs are a classic look where the hair falls just in line with the chin. Straight or curly, this hair style is a great way to show off sharp facial features – or any facial feature, really. Bobs are incredibly low maintenance, which you’ll find out fairly quickly, especially when washing or styling. Switch it up this year with a bright hair color or highlights to add dimension, or go for an A-line cut bob.


Pixie cuts were also all-the-rage in 2020. Short, simple styles are very easy to maintain, especially in these uncertain times. This short hair style can help to bring out prominent facial features and give more attention to the face. Leave it natural, or add some gel to give your hair a spikier, more avant garde look. If you choose a pixie cut at your appointment with us, ask your stylist to give you a fun look! We use quality products from Tressa to keep our clients’ hair looking great after each visit.


Highlights and New Hair Color are Always on Trend

Like we mentioned above, highlights, lowlights, and new overall color can amplify any hair trend. DIY hair color was a big hit, but by this time, it might be a bit faded or grown out. Instead of trying again, why not get it professionally corrected or add some new, fun colors with our students.


Cosmopolitan is calling 2021 the year of brunettes, and for good reason. Darker hair, while in many cases looked over, can make your eyes, makeup, and features pop, especially in the winter months. We’ve mentioned this, but it’s worth saying again: adding highlights will break up that darkness and add more life to the look. Don’t dismiss the idea of going brunette – embrace the darker side with highlights.


While we’re talking up the idea of brown hair, blonde will always be a favorite. Honey blondes, deep roots, and bright shades are still predicted to be in style this year. Visit our cosmetology school to make these hair goals come true this year.


Trendy Hair Styles for Those Uninterested in a Dramatic Change

Some people do not want to change their hair. They have had the same color forever, and there is no persuading them to add anything new or switch up the length. If you love your hair and you feel confident, then we agree with your decision. However, why not consider trying out some new hair styles?


One style that has been around forever is the braid. With so many options – fishtail, French, Dutch, and box to name a few – you can add a beautiful look in the matter of minutes. Leaving in braids all day or overnight can leave your hair with gorgeous, heatless waves, too.


While braids are usually found on medium to long hair, short-haired clients can find trendy hair styles, too. Adding curling foam, gel, or other styling products can give you different kinds of curl and texture to natural hair. We suggest using a diffuser for a more “undone” look, as well, while limiting the amount of heat on the hair.


There are New Hair Trends for Men, Too

There are a handful of new hair trends for men in 2021, too. Modern Barber provides a great list of trends for men of all ages to feel confident with their hair. Short and textured, low fades, and slicked-back styles will all be carrying over to this new year. Fashion colors are also on trend, so it is something to consider to switch up your look for a few months. Ask our stylists for their recommendations on color-safe products.


Visit Artisan School of Cosmetology for a New Look

Have any of these hair trends caught your eye? If so, book your next appointment with Artisan School of Cosmetology in Parkersburg, WV. Our stylists-in-training stay current in all things beauty, and are ready to completely transform your look. We follow all CDC regulations and have a clean, sanitized work space for clients and stylists. Give us call to schedule an appointment!


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