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Business Classes Are a Must for Cosmetology Students

Beauty and Business Go Hand in Hand

In this month’s blog, we’re explaining that business classes are a must for cosmetology students. Cosmetology is not just about being a great hair stylist, colorist or manicurist. Many of the graduates from Artisan School of Cosmetology go on to open their own salons and be business owners. A successful cosmetologist needs business skills.

These skills include building and retaining clientele, improving their bottom line, marketing their business, and much more. Gone are the days a good haircut or facial are all that matter. To be successful in this industry, you need in-depth business training to prepare you for a long lasting future.


Marketing is More Than Just Pictures

To become a successful beauty professional, you must know how to market your own personal beauty brand online. As a beauty professional, whether still in school or already out, you will have to find clients. A great tool of marketing is a portfolio. It is important to have a digital copy, as well as a hard copy you can take to interviews. You can then use these hardcopies in the lobby of where you work or your own business.


You Should Have a Social Media Presence

Another great investment is having a social media presence. While many of us use Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. daily, using them successfully as a business is a step more. You want your accounts to have an aesthetic, be active, show creativity, and full of your work. Handling anyone who posts or shares your pictures in a professional manner is absolutely important. Ratings, reviews, and comments really sway potential clients.


Knowing Your Business Numbers is Essential

Accounting, business, and other sales classes are essential. These classes will help you competitively price your services. They will also teach you how to manage products, and work with outside suppliers of those products. Knowing your way around numbers and contracts can make or break a business. Also, keeping track of all your back-end numbers will make tax season.


Management Skills Will Make You a Better Boss

When you want to grow your business, knowing how to manage others is essential. Managers are people that inspire, motivate, and lead others. Learning effective interpersonal abilities and entrepreneurial thinking will help you excel in diverse business environments.


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